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Theft is a crime of opportunity.

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The best prevention is to remove the opportunity and avoid bringing valuables with you. Lock your wallet and keys in the FREE wallet lockers located near the front reception. Report any suspicious activity to staff. Report any thefts to the RCMP. Ensure valuables are out-of-sight in your vehicle or carry them with you. What type of thefts typically occur in our facilities? Permanent link to What type of thefts typically occur in our facilities? Most common are personal items stolen from unlocked lockers or unattended items stolen Other types of theft that has been known to occur, but is not typical include personal locks being cut or pried open, vehicles stolen from the parking lot, or bike locks being cut seasonal.

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Strathcona County aims to provide a welcoming environment to all users of our recreation facilities. We encourage guests to consider their own comfort, as well as the comfort of others when using change rooms. Strathcona County suggests children ages 6 years and older use their gender appropriate change room. Newer facilities Millennium Place, Emerald Hills Leisure Centre, Kinsmen Leisure Centre have either universal, family or specialty change rooms, with individual changing stalls available for use.

Older facilities have male and female change rooms and dressing rooms, with individual stalls available for changing. Staff are available to assist with addressing specific inquiries. As older facilities are upgraded, planning will consider the widest range of patron needs as possible. Personal recording device guidelines Permanent link to Personal recording device guidelines.


Use of personal recording devices Eg: smart phones, tablets, cameras, etc is permitted within the following guidelines: Photo s or video s include members of your family or group only. Expressed permission is granted from other public participants featured in the recording. Respectful and responsible behaviour Permanent link to Respectful and responsible behaviour.

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Follow these guidelines to make your experience safe and fun Permanent link to Follow these guidelines to make your experience safe and fun. Remember there should be one adult for every three children under 8. Children under the age of six must be accompanied by someone 14 years or older at all time while playing in the indoor playgrounds. The gymnasium is geared towards children 8 to 15 year old. Clean indoor shoes must be worn at all times. How much supervision is required? Permanent link to How much supervision is required? Emergency procedures Permanent link to Emergency procedures.

In the event of health or safety emergency, first aid assistance from trained individuals is always available.

Volume-2 Issue-3 | International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering(TM)

If you witness someone in need of your help and you feel it is safe to assist them, please do so. If you see a dangerous situation or emergency, please immediately notify a staff member so they can get the appropriate help. If a major emergency were to take place, an alarm will be sounded throughout the facility in order to evacuate. It will be important to follow staff direction.

If you are a witness to an incident, please be prepared to provide a statement to staff or emergency responders. This will assist in dealing with the situation appropriately and help prevent it from happening again. Help keep our pools clean Permanent link to Help keep our pools clean.

Integrity Data Systems Consultants | Training Partners | Resellers in Sherwood Park, Alberta, CA

Lotion, sweat, cosmetics and dirt use up pool chemicals' power, leaving less power to kill germs and this is why it's important to take a minute cleansing shower before you swim. Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea or feel sick. Systems and methods to detect vehicle queue lengths of vehicles stopped at a traffic light signal. USA1 en. Method and system for using weather information in operation of autonomous vehicles.

Method and system for sharing parking space availability among autonomous vehicles. Adaptive route and motion planning based on learned external and internal vehicle environment. Control and coordination of driverless fuel replenishment for autonomous vehicles. Method and apparatus for determination and warning of potential violation of intersection traffic control devices. Integrated traffic light violation citation generation and court date scheduling system. WOA3 en. CNA zh. Liu et al. A virtual vehicle probe model for time-dependent travel time estimation on signalized arterials.

Lin et al. Method and system for modeling and processing vehicular traffic data and information and applying thereof. Skabardonis et al. AUB2 en.

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Method and apparatus for measuring and recording vehicle speed and for storing related data. EPB1 de.

Your car's hidden black box: What you need to know

Lu et al. KRA ko. Mirchandani et al. USA en. Pan et al.