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  1. What Does "Must Pass Background Check" Mean?
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Louisville joins cities such as Charlotte, N. This movement prevents employers from immediately disqualifying applicants….

Pet Sitters International has taken it a step further, ensuring that all of their pet-sitting professionals undergo annual criminal history screenings so clients can ensure their fur-babies are in the best possible…. There are currently no federal laws in place that mandate that background checks must be completed for those who work directly with individuals in need of in-home healthcare… Read More.

The taxi drivers protested that ride-sharing app companies — such as Lyft, Uber and Sidecar — have fewer regulations and safety… Read More.

The bill applies to all family day care providers, which is defined as someone who is providing childcare for three… Read More. Currently, the state allows new teachers to begin working before all background checks have been completed, a… Read More. Conducting these employee criminal history checks prior to licensing could potentially keep… Read More.

His… Read More. This movement prevents employers from immediately disqualifying applicants… Read More. When a company includes this statement, it essentially advises candidates with significant criminal backgrounds to weigh the risks. It also lets candidates know that it could take a few weeks before an official hire is made.

What Does "Must Pass Background Check" Mean?

Employers normally hire a third-party firm that specializes in conducting thorough background checks. The purpose is to figure out whether you have convictions you didn't disclose or whether you have committed crimes that preclude you as a good fit. A candidate for an elementary teaching job usually can't get hired in most states with convictions for violent crimes or crimes involving children, for instance.

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Background Checks and Criminal Records