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  1. How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Connecticut
  2. Connecticut State Tax ID
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  4. How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Connecticut
  5. How to Get a Reseller Permit/Resale Certificate (Sales Tax ID)

Learn more about the sole proprietorship advantages and disadvantages. General Partnerships consist of two or more people conducting a business together. Like the sole proprietorship, there is no formal filing.

How to Get a Tax ID Number

Also like the sole proprietorship, the partnership has unlimited liability. The partnership itself does not pay tax from business income. This income is subject to self-employment tax.

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A Corporation is a legal business entity that is separate from the individual. There are multiple ways a corporation can elect to be taxed. Also, there is no self-employment tax with a corporation as income to the owner s will come from either a salary or dividends.

It provides the liability protection of a corporation with the ease of operation like a sole proprietorship. The Limited Liability Company does not have the many burdens a corporation such as holding a board of directors meeting, shareholders meeting, taking minutes, etc. The LLC also has the greatest tax flexibility of the four entities.

Income can be taxed as a pass-through entity like the sole proprietor or partnership or as a corporation. Learn how to form a Connecticut LLC with our step-by-step guide. To compare the pros and cons of each of the entities, see our comparison chart of business entities.

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Connecticut

Forming a corporation or LLC doesn't require an attorney but can be made easier and done right with the help of a formation service. See more about registering a DBA in Connecticut. Check the availability of Connecticut business names. A trademark can legally stop others from using names, slogans, or logos that are associated with another brand, product or service.

Connecticut State Tax ID

The U. Before settling on a name, check the USPTO database to see if the name you want to use isn't registered to another business.

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  • How to Apply for an EIN.
  • Registering your business name will not necessarily stop anyone else from using the name you choose. To protect your business name, consider registering for a trademark. This number identifies a business operating in the U. S, tracks tax returns and is used to open a bank account. Much like what a social security number is to a person, the EIN is a social security number for a business.

    Over 1 million businesses

    While most businesses will need to get an EIN, some do not. Business licenses are issued by states, local governments, and the federal government, as well. Depending on your business activities and form of incorporation , you might need to obtain multiple Connecticut Business Licenses. You might also need to apply for special tax permits if you operate a retail business in Connecticut with the Department of Revenue Service. If you don't obtain a business license before carrying out business activities in Connecticut, you will need to pay a penalty or fine.

    If you ignore the requirements, the Secretary of State might even close down your business, resulting in financial loss. Connecticut has strong enforcement to make sure all businesses comply with the local regulations.

    How to Get a Tax ID (EIN) in Connecticut

    As it is likely that your new business will need several federal and state licenses, it is recommended that you consult with a CT business attorney and get in touch with the Secretary of State for advice and guidance. The licensing requirements constantly change, so you need a professional to navigate you through the processes. There are some specific licensing rules for businesses that carry out certain activities, such as:. It is important that you check the business licensing requirements before you start a business to avoid reputation loss and fines.

    Consult with a Connecticut business licensing attorney for advice. All new businesses need to obtain the relevant permits and licenses before they carry out their activities in Connecticut. The cost and process of the license will depend on the incorporation form and the industry of the new business. Apart from the above state permits, businesses might also need to apply for local business licenses in the city or municipality of their operation.

    There are a few occupations that require special state licensing.

    How to Get a Reseller Permit/Resale Certificate (Sales Tax ID)

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