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Type the number into a search engine to obtain a list of other reverse phone number companies.

Precinct Lookup by Address

Although most reverse look up services do not cost anything, you may need to pay a fee for some, especially if the phone number is residential or cell phone number. Input the phone number in the search box on the reverse phone number look up site.


Include the area code. If the number is published, you will receive the name and address if the number is not a cell phone number of whom the number belongs to.

Postcode and Address Finder | Royal Mail Group Ltd

Should you need more assistance to find the person or organization exactly, look up the address on an online mapping site such as Google Maps or MapQuest to help you more precisely locate the address. Enter the phone number in the search box for reverse phone number lookup. Be sure to include the area code.

Free reverse phone number lookup services do not include cell phone numbers.

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You will likely have to pay a fee for services that find the name of a person or organization the only uses a cell phone. Another option is to call the number you have and ask for the name and address of who owns the number. Find out for free with a quick click. IP Tools Have the right tool for any job.

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