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According to the Drought Monitor, almost one-fifth of California is either abnormally dry or in moderate drought, as of the end of October. The Oct. Wildfire risk will remain substantial in much of California through at least this month, the National Interagency Fire Center said Nov. Risk will persist into December in some areas.

It is, in fact, exactly the opposite. A supplemental environmental impact report on hydraulic fracturing released Thursday by the U. Bureau of Land Management found no significant impacts, and plans for leasing 1. Now is the time to focus on Pure Water Monterey and scrap the desal plans. The page final analysis is nearly 10 times longer … and estimates different costs and benefits of repealing the regulation.

The Gold Rush might have ended years ago, but its ethos of extraction still dominates California. A little-known, local water district — the Omochumne-Hartnell Water District — will hold their first board member election in 43 years on Nov. But to an official and lobbyist for a homebuilders group, the system encourages construction of affordable housing. The insularity of water policy decision-making, however, causes certain suspect premises to go unquestioned or challenged. One of the most significant is this: People should be required to live where there is water, rather than figuring out how to get water to where people want to live.

The glaring light of extinction of the Delta smelt reveals decades of treachery and deceit by corporate agribusiness, metropolitan water districts, politicians and their collaborators in the resource agencies charged by law to protect wildlife species from extinction. The moral squalor that has permitted this crisis is contemptible.

But the view will change dramatically if a Phoenix-based company builds a proposed hydropower project. The initial selling point of Prop. These days, the law is better known for requiring eyebrow-raising warning labels on everything from bread to steering wheel covers to — briefly — Starbucks coffee, and it has turned into a national punchline.

She also lost water. Wine producers are grappling with a maelstrom caused by a warming planet: heat waves, droughts, cold snaps, wildfires and more. On a cool and misty morning somewhere south of Redding, California, jet boats roar across the tranquil Sacramento River. The Trump administration unveiled a plan to open another million acres in California to oil and gas development and fracking, one day after being sued by conservationists for similar plans in a different part of the state. The Bureau of Land Management released its environmental analysis Thursday concluding that hydraulic fracturing and oil and gas extraction in counties located in the south state do not conflict with the land management goals of the agency.

Freshman Democratic Rep. TJ Cox represents some of the farmers who would likely benefit from the additional water. As the state focuses on providing clean and affordable drinking water for millions of residents, those on private wells typically face an uphill battle. Private well owners confront significant financial challenges digging new wells, and connecting to a public water system involves a daunting local and state bureaucratic process…. Mexico says it will rehabilitate five pumping stations in the border city of Tijuana to prevent cross-border sewage spills that have angered U.

Prosecutions of environmental crimes dropped to historic lows under the Trump administration last fiscal year and one legal expert believes that could endanger public health. That was the message local water management officials gave in a joint presentation at the Oct. The new recommendations, released Oct.

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Even a little forest management significantly increases water runoff in the Central Sierra Nevada and other semi-arid regions, while drier forests need more extensive treatments, according to a new study published recently in the journal Ecohydrology. Late last month, the U. In case of an emergency such as an earthquake or wildfire, one key element that could be disrupted, and for an extended period, is water. To that end, area water agencies and government officials gathered Wednesday in Lancaster as the Greater Antelope Valley Water Emergency Coalition to discuss preparations and resources available in case of water disruptions in an emergency.

As media coverage focuses on the more immediate public health crisis of vaping, and its link to a recent spate of mysterious lung illnesses and deaths, researchers like Mock and Hendlin caution there also is a looming environmental threat. The local testing found that 15 wells in San Luis Obispo and Atascadero had levels high enough to require notification to water system governing boards. The elimination of the major hydropower components of the proposed Lake Powell Pipeline means a new federal agency will review the project and determine if it is environmentally sound to move forward.

Babbitt spoke at a conference of county supervisors from across Arizona Tuesday, calling for new legislation that would give county officials the authority to manage groundwater. Two environmental groups sued the Trump administration on Wednesday over its plan to open up more than , acres , hectares of federal land in California for oil and gas development. California regulations protecting wetlands and state waters were approved by the State Water Resources Control Board and will take effect on May 28, These new rules create a more expansive and complex permitting scheme for developers, public agencies and others with projects that may impact waters and wetlands.

The Santa Ana winds of 50 to 70 mph, with isolated gusts of 80 mph, will be the strongest to hit the region in recent memory and sparked urgent preparations for more potential fires and evacuations. They are expected to hit early Wednesday and continue through Thursday.

They only make the situation worse. Water is condensed out of the hot humid air in a process that mimics the way clouds are formed the hot humid air hits cold air and forms droplets of rain and stored in a tank. The sponge-like nanomaterial … is designed to be used in existing dehumidifiers, where it can help HVAC systems save energy at the same time that it offers a new source of water. A bill that will extend the life of water pollutant regulatory permits from five years to 10 years for local wastewater treatment and water recycling infrastructure projects has passed a key House of Representatives committee.

The salty gunk and steam passing through the maze of pipes can produces up to 55 megawatts of electricity. It comes from under the shores of the Salton Sea, a man-made lake in the far southeastern desert of California.

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Benson, chief operating officer of the geothermal power producer EnergySource, pointed to a white shipping container, where fiberglass tanks are being used to pull lithium out of the same brine from the sandstone depths. The initiative, which the seashore facilitated in collaboration with ranchers, conservation organizations and regulatory agencies, began in and included three main types of best practices: fencing, hardened stream crossings and the creation of separate water systems for cattle.

The project including leveling an intstream island to create more flooded rearing habitat, sorting gravel to create improved spawning habitat, clearing invasive plants and planting native ones. Watch the transformation! An Ojai Valley agency continued its wait this week for permission to start cleaning up a 9-foot pile of silt, sand and gravel that led to costly repairs last winter.

Almost 50 years after the Lahontan cutthroat trout was listed under the Endangered Species Act, agencies are investing in a game-changing, fish-friendly infrastructure project at Derby Dam to help bring back the legendary fish to the Truckee River. Announced on Sept.

U.S. News - ABC-7.com WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Most of the Klamath Basin suckers testing the waters of Upper Klamath Lake this summer in floating net pens are thought to have died during a federally-funded summer pilot project. When U.

https://gratdoriconcons.gq Fish and Wildlife Service visited the pens on the lake last week to release them into the wild, 10 of the 1, endangered fish were found alive…. Amid horrific wildfires and rolling blackouts, the Trump Administration this week brought welcome relief to the Golden State by allowing more water to be sent to farmers and folks in the south. Will California liberals accept the deregulatory gift?

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Exorbitant water bills, earthquake-prone reservoir tanks, a lack of public input in setting rates and a corporation from Canada not operating transparently. These were just some of the reasons that justify Apple Valley taking over its largest supplier of water, Liberty Utilities, a lawyer for the town argued on Thursday. EDF created an online story map … to provide a more holistic view of groundwater supplies and challenges in the seven-state Colorado River Basin Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming , drawing from recent research.

Here are four key highlights from the story map that demonstrate the importance of groundwater and the challenges of groundwater management in the arid West:. That network of stream gauges got a big boost Sept. Authored by Sen. Watersheds are more than just drainage areas in and around our communities. They are necessary to support habitat for plants and animals, and they provide drinking water for people and wildlife. After years of negotiations, the Montecito Water District is closing in on a deal to buy 1, acre-feet of water from the City of Santa Barbara, every year for the next 50 years.

California is providing health care to undocumented immigrants while President Donald Trump wants to build a border wall, and Gov.

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Gavin Newsom circumvented the White House with a side deal on auto emissions standards. But when it comes to water, Trump and California are closer than you might think. Action by the state water board sets in motion a year program of activity and research to address nitrate and salt content in Central Valley groundwater, in order to achieve water-quality objectives.

The decadeslong Pacific Northwest salmon war may be nearing the end. The dams on the Lower Snake River — besieged by conservationists and biologists for killing fish — are now battered by falling prices for renewable energy, skyrocketing replacement costs for aging turbines and a growing tab for environmental mitigation.

A stipulated judgment in a lawsuit over a regulation to control pollution in runoff from agricultural irrigation systems has extended the expiration date for Agricultural Order 3.

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However, the largest river restoration project in history, spanning the California-Oregon border, tells a hopeful story offering a blueprint for political, conservation and economic progress. After The Times reported last week that nearly drinking water wells and other water sources in California had been contaminated with toxic chemicals linked to cancer, readers wanted to know what they could do. Activists and local government officials across Monterey County have banded together to fight a proposed desalination plant that could double the cost of water for some residents and endanger an aquifer that serves low-income communities.