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  2. Pelco NET5301T Analog Camera IP Video Encoder
  3. Toshiba ENC-8CH 8 Channel Analog to IP Video Encoders

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Learn more about Digital Video Encoders

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Pelco NET5301T Analog Camera IP Video Encoder

Model No : KVS Call for Pricing Calculate Shipping. Connect a keyboard compatible with the Pelco-D protocol to the RS port. Availability: Usually ships within business days. Model No : spd Model No : VSv2.

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  2. Pelco NET5301T Analog Camera IP Video Encoder.
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Full frame rate Simultaneous H. The press release announcing the publication of ST may be found here. Additional portions of the standards suite, such as support for compressed audio and video, will follow a similar process and will likely be published in the second half of The impact goes beyond just replacing serial digital interface SDI with IP to the concept of having the flexibility to come up with a whole new set of applications based on, and leveraged off, information technology IT protocols and infrastructure.

The advantages of shifting to IP are comparable to those achieved when the industry moved from physical tapes to virtual files for content storage.

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  • Files were not treated as if they were just virtual tapes; rather, all the benefits of software and virtualized access have come to be realized with new workflows and functionality offered. Another advantage is that intra-facility traffic now can be all-IP. Using video encoders you can achieve megapixel IP video quality with your existing analog cameras.

    The diagram above shows how you can use video encoders in conjunction with additional IP cameras to create a low cost hybrid solution. Analog cameras send images as native analog video — video that cannot directly connect to your IP network. An IP video camera, however, can directly connect to an IP network just like computers do.

    Toshiba ENC-8CH 8 Channel Analog to IP Video Encoders

    Using video encoders, you connect your existing analog cameras to an encoder, which then takes the native analog video and outputs it as digital video which can then be sent over an IP network. Using a video encoder, however, de-interlaces the images, resulting in a capture at x at 30 FPS.

    The result is a superior megapixel image.