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It is of no significance to anyone but me. How can I check to see if it there or if it has been thrown away? Stolen content of the package. Yesterday at noon I went to the local post office, they told me the package was with the carrier, in the afternoon a spoke with the carrier when she was delivering the mails, she did not find my package by the way the carrier has other package for me but not the one I was inquiring, and is more the package she gave me were out for delivery the same day.

Lost and damaged items

Today I went to the mail box and the package was there but opened without the content. I was waiting for new Cell phone.

I have the tracking number and the case number that I got when I call yesterday morning to the USPS inquiring for my package. Our daughter sent my husband a birthday card with a gift card from Drummonds Tennessee to Louisville Kentucky around December 27, almost a month ago. He still has not received it. Not acceptable! I sent a letter that had a gift card in it to my friend for her birthday on Jan I am located in wenatchee wa, and my friend is located in Stockton CA.. I know it doesnt take that long to get something.

No number to call, and the number you do have has 1hour45 min plus Waite time.

Is there any help for me or other people with the same problem????? I am going crazy trying to figure out why only my ID was sent to me and not the rest who can contact me in regards to this situation? I paid Furthermore when I use the tracking number it only shiws the Shrewsbury MA scan that it was received and then saying in transit.

When I follow up with requested del day and time is says Jan11 by noon which was three days ago. My local Ashby Post Office clerk called the Shrewsbury MA distribution Center and they said the pkg had left their facility but could not tell him where the package is now. Very frustrating to pay that much money and not be able to track my I live in Holly MI, and my mail is going missing or misdelivered on a regular basis.


I don't know who to contact about this. I've spoken with the carrier to no avail. Mailed my big box of Christmas presents on Dec. I live in south Florida and it took 5 days to get to Jacksonville, Florida on the 18th. The tracking stopped Dec. Now I am excited that it is getting closer to my sister. It tracks in on Jan. This is 40 miles from my sister. She could have driven over and picked it up.

Well, we are now up to January 10th and the package has not tracked since then. MY GOD, what is the problem???????????? My parents and i had shipped two boxes of things to Guam from las vegas. One made it to Guam but it looked like it had been opened and badly re-taped.

Lost Mail Quest The Post Office BaF

We had made sure the addresses were correct and legible. And i am extremely frustrated and am considering booking a flight to Atlanta just to find my box. I am reading all these things about how most people dont get theirs back and am hoping for that needle in the haystack. If someone has ever gotten their mail back from the MRC, please let me know what the process was and the things that happened.

Thank you. My mom and I both shipped our packages the same day, Dec 11th, to my daughter who is in Guam. My moms package got there about days later, which I initially was happy about because she made homemade Italian cookies. My package, on the other hand, has dissappeared. Im so pissed. I sent mostly clothes to my daughter and son-in-law, a board game, some christmas tree decorations, etc Nevermind everything else.

It was a big box, and I wrapped it in shipping paper like I always do with a legible address and taped it to the hilt. I wrapped and taped both boxes, they were secure!!!!

The lost genius of the Post Office

Seriously, what recourse do I have????? Trying to find out what happen to a letter I sent.. From omaha to tulsa was shipped from omaha on 22ed one of the brushes has a pointy end. Both brushes are worth a combined total of 80 dollars. Trying to find out who I contact about a card I sent and never made it to its destination..

We are desperately looking for a lost package going from Philadelphia, to Naples, We can not find anyone able or willing to help find this package. The address to Naples was written in marker and taped to the box. Any help would be much appreciated! I got an delivery confirmation that the parcel was dropped off in my mailbox.

Guess what nothing in there. I live in an secured building where you need an electronic key to enter bigger deliveries are dropped off at the front desk for pick up. I checked everywhere the delivery is nowhere to be found. Any suggestions how to proceed file a police report? Claim with USPS? I want to knoe how do i go about receiving my dead mail even if i have my tracking number.

File criminal charges. You can. I won some things in a giveaway and when I recieved the package envelope it was ripped and empty. I am a bit upset because i ordered a holiday gift that was sent registered first class international mail on November It was shipped overseas on the 30 of November, however it is now December 18 nd when I try and track it at USPS online it says that the origin post is still preparing shipment.

Is there a way to find missing registered mail that is inbetween countries? Does anyone have any suggestions? Here's another one for you. My brother in Montana brought Christmas cards to the post office in Great Falls, MT inside a zip lock bag to protect them from the elements. The all had stamps on them but no one ever removed them from the plastic bag. I live in Upstate NY and received this baggy of Christmas cards and after opening the baggy realized that non of them had ever been cancelled.

I called my brother and he couldn't believe it.. I even took a picture of it because of how odd it was. I mailed the cards from our post office. I am saddened by the lack of responsibility that the NY City post office has for delivering packages at any time of year. I have mailed several packages over the past 4 years to my son in Manhattan.

They have never made it to his residence or they haven't tried to to deliver them as he gets his regular mail but not the packages. This last package Christmas gifts was mailed in a box with a large red printed bow on it. You'd think something that bold could find it's way to it's destination.

He is home during the day so he was waiting for this package and even went down to inquire with the mailman who said he didn't have a package. He went to his post office and they said it was out for delivery. He went home and waited. No delivery.

Postal Service won't reimburse Neenah-Menasha customers for fees after lost mail

I checked the tracking and they said first they didn't know the address, then that they could access his building even though he got his regular mail. How odd.

No one seems to care that this package was never being delivered. I do want reimbursement to it's loss but that does not replace the fact he will not have his Christmas package on top of losing his job.