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  4. Postal worker admits stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks

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So the Pontiuses were in my canoe and Dottie was in my canoe and they alternated. I paddled stern. Anyhow for the two weeks prior to the start of the canoe trip, we had rain like we had now. Constant rain. That may have been one of the rainiest periods up to that time. The river was pretty much at flood stage a good period of the time during that. Rosenfeld: I was unaware of that, but I had my eye on her. At any rate, she went on the trip. We started, they planned the trip to come down the Olentangy. There was an article in the Lantern about the intrepid social workers doing this practical canoe trip and so on down the line.

She read this article in the Lantern and she wanted to know about this trip.

It was a three day camping trip, in a sense: two overnights… arrived back at the school. So at any rate, Dottie went on the trip. We launched the canoes at Stratford above where Route 23 crosses…Well, actually some of us went up to about where Eckles Lake is and put the canoes in there and came over a low dam and then caught the rest of the group at Stratford.

Then we went down. The first night we camped overnight probably in the vicinity of Highbanks Metropolitan Park. It was raining and miserable. It was a great practical experience for them. There was, right on the corner of Olentangy River Road and , there was a farm there and there was a farmer with a group of barns. So we fixed our dinner and had a good meal. Rosenfeld: Well it so happened that the barn droppings had been covered with this fresh straw and they had not bothered to check what was underneath the fresh straw.

They just spread their ponchos and their sleeping clothes on that. Some of them went up in the loft. Rosenfeld: Nice group. Because of my relationship with the Red Cross, they lent me six canoes and my own footer. We had enough to accommodate the group, the leadership group in mine and the leadership group brings up the rear on any indistinct.

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Always, because you always catch whatever trouble is ahead of you. During the night, anyhow, while we were there, there was a torrential rain.

Fake postal worker arrested

When we got down to, we had pulled our canoes up on the bank. The bank was about 6 to 8 feet above the river level. When we got down there, the water was within a foot of the top of that bank. Like flood stage going down. So at any rate, everybody of course had life preservers on. We all had that. So we headed down toward the campus. There were two low-level dams that we had to portage around. So they had that experience. They knew where those were when they got to it. We made the trip all right and landed right where Drake Union is now.

Came all the way down from Delaware, down to Drake Union.

News of the Day From Across the Nation, Dec. 24

You know the old one that was near High Street? I guess whenever you got back to campus working on your Ph. I was at Michigan. I did my work at Michigan. Rosenfeld: Well then I took this job in Kansas City and we communicated. Dottie had taken a job in Cleveland. Rosenfeld: She called me; we had been communicating.

How about you? Ruth Schildhouse was assigned for field work to me in Kansas City. So I had known Ruth all these years. At any rate, now to get back to the Jewish Center field. Finally they did refer a very qualified candidate, Leon Beck, who was head of a settlement in, a Jewish settlement house in St. And so he had all kinds of questions. Came down for one visit interview and had a series of questions.

He wrote up all these questions. Requested another meeting with the Board. He had another meeting then came back to Columbus and had another meeting with the Board. Then went back. He wrote out another series of questions. He still had some unanswered questions. The Board at that time, they had never operated a new full service community center. The only experience they had was the old Schonthal Center operation, operated by Rose Sugarman. And so by the time they got to the third request for another interview, they broke off.

Accident in greenfield indiana today

I came back to Columbus for a short time, for vacation and to visit my parents; this was and the Center was under construction. They were going through this interview process and I came out for a visit and Iz took me out to see the Center and asked me about the operation in Kansas City, how did it operate, how did it function, how did it budget and so on down the line.

The National Jewish Welfare Board tried to talk me out of going in for the interview. So I suppose from their standpoint they were right.

Postal worker admits stealing more than 6,000 greeting cards filled with cash and checks

Anyhow I went in for the interviewer and they offered me the job and I took it. Beck went his way and later I guess had a number of visits to Houston before they answered all of his questions. He was later killed in a tragic automobile accident. They had already been going on for a number of years. A person by the name of Climan who was highly trained in Jewish education was the Director of the Saturday Camp.

But they ran it like, pretty much a normal day camp program, a one day program on Saturday afternoon. And we were very happy in Kansas City.

Rosenfeld: Yeah it was, really we were very happy there and like I say in terms of progression, we knew that if I wanted to advance and eventually become Executive Director of a Jewish Center that this was the way to go to get a couple of good years of experience and go on.

At that time, that I got the call to come to Columbus for the interview, I was in the midst of organizing an outdoor country camp for the Jewish Center. And we were taking registrations for that, pretty much in the beginning of that, when I got his offer to come in for the interview. So I had a meeting with the Board and they offered me the job. Now my uncle, Dr.

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Of course when we left Kansas City they had a farewell party for us. We left behind a good many close friends that we really enjoyed. But coming back here…. Rosenfeld: No. We decided we wanted to have a family. Since I was 36 years old, my biological clock….

But anyhow, we decided we wanted to come back to Columbus, take the job, take the challenge, and see where we went. So I got here in and retired in Now one of the reasons I retired at that time, I guess, let me say, it took us, your dad was great in terms of helping us develop the Family Campus. When we moved into the new Jewish Center….