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His life is three times more routine than your eight-hour shift.

Cook County Jail's Comeback - NYT News

He's got time to watch your every move and analyze your every weakness. Now multiply that single inmate by a thousand, or however many inmates you're dealing with, and you start to understand what you're up against. By default you're going to want to get into a comfortable pattern. And the inmates are going to know your every step.

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Hardiman explains this in detail:. But you get so lax sometimes that you forget these are inmates. These are people who are in here for a reason. And some are in here for felonies. Some are in here for misdemeanors. And even the ones who are in for misdemeanors, or a lesser charge, can automatically turn into a person that's in there for a felony — get a felony while he's in there by hurting you the correctional officer. So my advice is to keep your mind on your job at all times, and don't just think because other officers are laughing and joking and jacking off that you could do like them.

You have to keep your mind open, because if you don't you could be involved in a fire within the jail.

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You could be involved in a riot within the jail. You could be involved in a massacre within the jail. And you could lose your life right there in the jail going to work eight hours and trying to go home. You can get injured.

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You can get your teeth knocked out. You could really get hurt if you get slapped and you don't look and you don't listen and you don't try to be aware of who you're dealing with. You're not dealing with the best of people, you're dealing with people who're looking to get the best of you.

And at any opportunity they will. If you open yourself to the opportunity of getting hurt and they see it, they will use that opportunity. There's a reason why Hardiman mentions a fire, a riot, and even a massacre. It's because those things do happen. First one person threw food packaging at a television screen, while another started climbing the wall.

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There were no correctional officers in sight. Then several other inmates took off their uniforms and stuffed them with trash. After that they put their uniforms in a microwave and pushed the start button. Eventually a special response team came in to restore order.

Cook County Jail Inmate Lookup, Cook County, GA

Eight inmates were charged with arson, while four COs had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Shortly after the video of the arson riot surfaced, another incident made the headlines at the jail when three inmates jumped two COs.

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  • Life as a CO in Chicago’s Infamous Cook County Jail.
  • They ended up sending the two to the hospital, one with a broken eye socket bone and the other was unconscious and kept over night for observation. The three perpetrators were charged with attempted murder. As a CO you've got pure authority. Inmates must do what you say or they get punished.

    Of course, with this authority comes the responsibility to use it legitimately. Some abuse it, but those guys are getting caught more often now that cameras are everywhere. So what do you do when prisoners get out of hand? Up to three children can be accompanied by one adult. You will have to submit a new application if the inmate was discharged and then re-incarcerated.

    Once the application is received, a background check will be conducted to determine if the applicant is approved for visiting privileges. Applicants must call the Visitor Information Center at or email: doc. Please allow seven 7 business days after submitting an application to inquire about the status.

    General Facility Information

    If you have been DENIED approval for the reasons noted in points 3 and 4 below, you may reapply, but only if your mandatory waiting period has expired. The applicant provided invalid, inaccurate or unverifiable information on the Visitor Application. The applicant is a minor 17 years of age or under.

    The applicant is: 4. On house arrest. ADA cookcountyil. If you have additional questions you may call the Cook County Jail customer service line at from 8 a. Before making a visit, please confirm with the Jail that your loved one has also requested a visit, and that visitation has been approved. Inmates are generally able to make visitation requests from kiosks within the jail or by speaking to an appropriate corrections officer. In certain circumstances, such as health reasons or disciplinary sanctions, inmates may be unavailable for family and friend visits.

    Expect that each visitor will be allowed approximately one visit per week, and inmates are typically allowed only one visit per day. Most locations will allow adults to bring a minor child to the session. If bringing a child you should prepare the minor to behave appropriately in an adult setting. Again, Inmates who are segregated for medical reasons, security issues, or jail rule violations may have substantially reduced visitation schedules.

    To ensure that you will be afforded the full time allotment with your loved one arrive at least fifteen minutes early for your visitation session. The Cook County jail is shamefully understaffed and there are often long lines entering the visitation areas. Be aware that some locations do not allow cell phones or other recording devices onto the premises, so it is advisable to keep your tech devices in the car or at home during your visit.

    Certain locations do have paid lockers to store disallowed items so it is a good idea to bring coins. Where your loved one is located you should prepare to pass through a strict security check point complete metal detectors and armed deputies. Do not wear bulky or expensive jewelry and of course do not possess contraband of any kind especially drugs or weapons. Anyone caught trying to bring such items inside the Cook County Jail system will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

    As previously stated, visiting a friend or family member in the Cook County Jail can be an emotional and naturally upsetting event. However, it is important to try and remain calm and civil at all times during the process. Scrupulously follow all posted regulations regarding procedure and behavior during your visit.

    Attempting to visit an inmate while you are intoxicated is immediate grounds for revocation of your visitation privileges. It is also a good idea to dress in comfortable, business casual attire. You want to make a good, semi-formal visual impression upon the jail staff and jail inmates.

    Treat both other visitors, inmates, and corrections officers with kindness and respect.