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Return vehicle to a different location. Promo Code? Serving up quality car rental The widest range of rental vehicles in Southern Africa spanning 40 locations. Rental Vehicle Range.

Experience Unlimited Mileage car rental and enjoy the freedom to explore when, where and how you want. Chauffeur Drive Service Let our Chauffeurs take you to your destination. Chauffeur Drive Services. Hertz Mobile App. Hire a Bakkie Hire a bakkie that works for you. Rent A Bakkie.

Check the condition of the vehicle together with the station staff. Contact the Customer Desk in advance if you need to extend the rental period. Pay the extension fee when returning the vehicle. A separate refueling fee must be paid if the vehicle is returned without a full tank. The refueling fee will be calculated based on the standards prescribed by the company in accordance with the distance traveled.

Contact the Customer Desk first before going to the station if you wish to return the vehicle earlier than the scheduled return date. The balance of the unused period will be refunded. However, a midterm cancellation fee will be charged. Vehicle Pick-Up Procedures 1. Going to the Rental Station and Presenting Documents. Provides information on the condition of and the right fuel type for the vehicle. Firsthand Inspection. Set an ETC card in place if necessary. Points to Note We recommend reading first about the traffic rules in Japan and information on the rented vehicle to ensure safe driving.

Japan's Traffic Rule. Vehicle Return Procedures When you are done driving, return the vehicle to the station where you picked it up.

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Refueling Before Returning the Vehicle. NOTE: Even if you prepay, you will still need to present a credit card at the rental counter when you pick up the vehicle.


Learn more about all our Pay Online options. A long-term rental constitutes a minimum of 30 consecutive days to a maximum of consecutive days. The longer the rental, the greater the daily savings. Reserve your car today! There is a minute grace period for returns. After 30 minutes late, hourly car rate charges and taxes may apply.

What Happens If You Return Your Rental Car Early or Late | AutoSlash

After 90 minutes late, full-day late charges and taxes may apply. There is no grace period for rental fees, surcharges and optional equipment or protections charges. Full-day late charges will apply for these items. The charge is intended to strongly motivate customers to save by refueling the car themselves. We don't have an on-site refueling infrastructure at most locations so we prefer that renters stop at a local station and refuel the car before returning it. However, customers can always choose not to refuel their rental prior to return, but we will then need to charge a premium for providing this refueling service.

Learn more about our fuel service options. A vehicle licensing cost recovery fee may be charged as well. For U. Please check for all fees that apply to your rental in the Rates section during your online reservation process. Of course, other products or additional equipment that you add at the rental counter will be extra.

But on budget.

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  7. Any charges that can't be determined until after your rental, including mileage and fuel charges, will be extra and are not covered by the guarantee. Check for fees in the "Rates" section of your reservation summary. However, unlike Budget, some rental car companies do not disclose these surcharges when you reserve your car. If you have questions regarding any surcharges relating to your rental, please discuss the fees with a counter representative. Taxes, fees and other charges always vary by location.

    A breakdown of all fees and surcharges is listed in step 3 of the online reservation process. This fee is to reimburse the Company for concession fees paid to the airport for each rental.

    Click the map to find your transfer car

    AC Excise Recovery F ee: Vehicle manufacturers pay a federal excise tax on air conditioners installed in vehicles and pass this cost on to the Company when those vehicles are purchased. The Company imposes this charge to recover those costs. Environmental Fee Recovery Charge : In Ontario, the provincial government imposes an Ontario Eco Fee that is paid when purchasing products that require special disposal such as oils and oil filters.

    This charge is to reimburse the Company for the Ontario Eco Fee. Frequent Travel Program Fee : This fee applies for all rentals where miles, points or credits are awarded and is charged to offset the costs to the Company of participation in these programs.

    Some cars and locations are more popular than others and they sell out quickly — especially when there are low rates on a busy rental date.

    Pick-up, Return, and Settlement

    Try another pick-up time if your travel dates are flexible. Then when you see the car you want at a great rate, your best bet is to reserve it immediately before someone else does. Start by searching here. The more flexibility you have in your rental dates, the more you can save. Taking advantage of low car rental rates is a lot like finding low airfares. Your price depends on when you travel and for how long. When you find a great rate, book it fast before someone else does. The best rental car rates are usually offered on weekends, especially when you stay over on a Saturday night — and the longer you keep your car, the better daily rate you can usually get.

    Online is the easy way to reserve and pay. However, if you prefer, reserve on budget. The next time your personal car is in the shop or just out of service, think of Budget. A BCD is a seven-character code, one letter followed by six numbers example: L. Simply enter your coupon code in the field provided, and the rental agent will apply your coupon benefit when you pick up your car, provided that all terms and conditions are met.

    Coupon benefits are not reflected in your online reservation details. On the Step 2 car selection page of the online reservation process , you'll get more information about coupon eligibility for your specific rental and available rates.

    Free one-way car rentals

    Coupons may apply only to some rates. Select one of the "coupon applies" rates to attach the coupon to your rental. If you don't select a "coupon applies" rate, your coupon will not be included on your confirmed reservation. If your coupon is for an upgrade to a bigger car, your rental location will have to confirm availability of that vehicle once you arrive at the rental counter.

    Either way, be sure that you use a coupon or discount code that meets all terms and conditions of the offer before the deal expires. Coupon codes are always four letters followed by three numbers — for example, LLLL. An offer code BCD is always one letter followed by six numbers — for example, L. When choosing your car, select a "coupon applies" rate to use a coupon for your rental. Coupon savings won't be reflected in your online rate, but will apply when you return your car - provided you meet all coupon terms and conditions of rental.

    Despite the advertised rate that your discount is set to deliver, budget. If you are using a coupon seven-character code, four letters followed by three numbers such as LLLL , coupon benefits are not reflected in your online reservation total. The rental agent will apply your coupon benefit when you pick up your car, provided that all terms and conditions are met.

    Also, if you're a member of an organization or company that partners with Budget, please contact that organization directly and ask whether they have a Budget BCD code or coupon you may use for your rental. Click on a homepage offer tile.