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I wanted this background to have just the right amount of whimsical fun graphic art so I drew some peppermint candies to add out on the edges to give it that extra touch of fun while keeping it clean looking on the crisp white background. You will also notice the traditional holly berries on the ends of some of the hand lettering.

Four Places to Find Free Phone Backgrounds

If you want to see it every time you look at your phone, then choose this option. See that was super easy right? Hopefully these simple directions were easy to understand and it worked for you. By the way, I do have an I-phone and this is what my settings were called but if you have something else, the steps should be close to what I explained here. You should be able to still get it to work but please ask if you have any questions! By downloading and using this design, you are agreeing to these terms. We would love to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed this free design for your cell phone and plan to use it!

To see more of my custom hand lettering prints, visit me at Eye Candy Creative Studio and say hello! Change the font, color, and size to your liking. I rotated mine a few degrees to put it at a fun angle, too. Drag your word around and place it wherever you like on your background. I avoid the bottom because the apps at bottom of my iphone would block the words. To download your design, click the download button in the upper right corner.

How to change your Android wallpaper in | Android Central

PNG is usually the best choice! If you have a mac and an iphone you can use airdrop to send files between devices. Just open a new email, and attach your design!

To save an image to your phone from your email, go into your email and open the attachment. Look for a little download symbol.

Click that and it will save to your camera roll! Now go to your photos and open up your new design. You can set your cell phone wallpaper to be your lock screen what shows up when your phone is locked , the background image behind your apps, or both! Want to learn more about how to use Canva?

To change the Home screen wallpaper

Join me for my free Canva Crash Course starting January 22nd! Save Save. It'll be just like passing notes in school, except your chem teacher won't read the embarrassing parts in front of everyone.

To set screensaver in android!!

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. However, often times those wallpapers don't reflect your personality. We're here to change that. Google got into the Wallpaper game last year with their Wallpapers app, which launched with the Google Pixel and has been growing every day. Wallpapers has a wide selection from satellite imagery to architecture to patterns to the wonderful beauty of nature.

Custom map backgrounds.

You can even choose to have Google mix up your wallpapers every day if you're so inclined! Google Wallpapers free. Backdrops is a massive wallpaper app that features hundreds upon hundreds of wallpapers from artists all around the world.

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Backdrops has a "Wall of the Day" feature, but some of its best walls are available in paid, premium collections. Whether you're looking for something modern, something natural, or something completely new, Backdrops has some of the best wallpapers around, and you should give it a peek. Backdrops Free, in-app purchases.

Graphic Design, Simplified.

Muzei wants to mix up your wallpaper a little more often than just daily, allowing you to see a new wallpaper on your phone every few minutes if you so desire. Muzei's many plugins also allow you to pull your prospective wallpapers from thousands of unique and curated sources, ensuring you'll love whatever wallpaper Muzei picks. Plus, if you don't like the current wallpaper, you can set a Quick Settings tile to skip to the next wallpaper.

Muzei free. DeviantArt is one of the biggest and most diverse online art communities on the internet, and as such, is an incredible place to go and search for a wallpaper for anything and everything under the sun.

Life Hacks for Your Smartphone

Just remember that while DeviantArt has millions and millions of amazing wallpapers, it also has millions and millions of "deviant" art pieces, if you get my drift. Please search responsibly. DeviantArt free.